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Scrubs - Size Chart
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Cotton lab coats complete the uniform

Cotton Lab Coats

We know that cotton lab coats can be an important part of your work-related wardrobe. We offer several varieties, from the 38" unisex lab coat to full length coats, plastic and cloth buttons, just to name a few style choices. After purchase you want to keep your coat as white and crisp as possible in order to preserve your dignified appearance. At, we want to help you maintain the products that you buy from us so that you get the most usage and satisfaction from them. That's why we offer a care guide right on our site. You'll learn what you should or should not do with your laboratory or consultation coat, depending on what kind of material it is made of. For instance, if you have a 65/35 polyester-cotton blend, such as some of the Meta models or the Landau kids lab coats, it's ok to machine wash and dry the garment. If you have one made of 100% natural materials, however, we suggest dry cleaning only. Click the Scrub Care link at the bottom of the page to view the entire guide.

Be sure to check out our Fashion Seal lab coat collection showcasing the latest trends!

Kids lab coats make a great costume

Kids Lab Coats

These garments can be used in several ways, such as being a perfect garment for protecting children's regular clothes when they engage in art projects that require the use of messy paints or modeling clay. They also make excellent Halloween costumes when combined with a toy stethoscope and clipboard, or are fun on their own for dress up play during the rest of the year. We also carry kids scrubs to complete the look! Who knew kids lab coats can have so many uses? These cotton lab coats are available in child sizes 4 to 14. Please contact us if you have sizing questions about these or any other products on our website.

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