We have a warehouse near downtown Los Angeles.

While it is a great place for a warehouse it has also become a place for people to dump their pet dogs. Several times a month we find dogs at our gate looking for food and a warm safe place to sleep. Over the years we have taken in dogs and found homes for them.

We have also kept a few that have become part of the warehouse family. We now found ourselves with more dogs than we can handle or find homes for. Starting this month we will post pictures of dogs needing a good home.

While we are not professional dog evaluators we will do our best to post pictures of dogs that appear healthy and have a good temperament.

It breaks our Hearts to have to take a dog to the pound if we can not find a rescue group to take the dog or when we have no room for another dog.

Please be assured we are not asking for donations, just good homes for some great lovable dogs.

For Questions Call:

Philip Gabriel
(310) 985-4488