Dickies Scrubs

The Dickies name is synonymous with hard work, and our medical professionals are certainly not strangers to long shifts and strenuous labor. That’s why we carry a complete line from this top manufacturer that includes Dickies scrubs and Dickies lab coat options. When you want a pair of navy scrub pants that will wear well and work as hard as you do, then look no further than Dickies scrubs!

Our Dickies lab coat selections include both the 28 inch and 31 inch styles, both in classic white. Not only can you expect convenient pocketing and exceptional construction, you’ll also enjoy a perfect fit and a great look. T A Dickies lab coat will last for many years and look great until the last day you wear it. Pair it with Dickies navy scrub pants and you’ve got an easy and professional look for the shift ahead.

ScrubsUnlimited.com offers Dickies scrubs and more to help you work comfortably!


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