Fashion Seal Lab Coats

Have you been shopping for high quality cotton lab coats? Our selection of Fashion Seal lab coats features both the full length style as well as the shorter version. Whichever type you prefer, rest assured that you simply can’t go wrong with a Fashion Seal lab coat.

What are you looking for in a lab coat? Great design? Comfortable fit? Durability? With a Fashion Seal lab coat, you can have it all. Read more in the product descriptions of these great Fashion Seal options to determine which style will suit the work you do best. You can find details about the length and pocketing, features that play a great role in the comfort and convenience of your lab coat.

Shop with Scrubs Unlimited to find colorful scrubs for all seasons, basic scrubs for the everyday, and Fashion Seal cotton lab coats.

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FASHION SEAL Full-Length - 423
FASHION SEAL Full-Length Lab Coat- 423
List Price: $69.95
Price: $41.45
FASHION SEAL Full-Length Lab Coat- 423
Fashion Seal 499 Lab Coat
Fashion Seal Lab Coat - Style 499
List Price: $29.95
Price: $26.45
Fashion Seal Lab Coat - Style 499