Why You Should Take Care of Your Scrubs

Whether in nursing school or working in a hospital, how you maintain your scrubs says a lot about you. You not only need to keep up appearances but you need to show others that you care about your position in society as a healthcare worker.

Thankfully and luckily for you, most brands of scrubs are easy to maintain and take care of in the washing machine. Comparable to Figs scrubs, most brands are long lasting and comfortable as well as arrive in a variety of styles. If you can let your personality shine, you should, but above all you should show people that you care about your uniform.

Here are four reasons to consider about why you should take care of your nursing uniform:

1. Work Ethic

Maintaining a clean appearance to your person and your uniform speaks to your work ethic as a nurse and healthcare professional. No matter whether you’re wearing the most stylish Figs scrubs or something comparable, it won’t matter if you don’t take care of yourself and your work attire. Regular cleaning and maintenance are a must as well as knowing when to retire a uniform that has put in its time. You want people to know you work hard because you do. You need to show that at every stage of the game, including in how you maintain your work uniform.

2. Positive First Impression

Presenting a clean image not only makes a positive first impression but it helps you to generate a welcoming environment in your place of work. Being disheveled or unkempt in appearance does not present the most welcoming sign to your patients. After all, do you want someone to cut corners in your medical care? Certainly you don’t, nor should you do so in your uniform.

3. Dress for the Job You Want

While this aphorism is often used to spur someone on towards advancement, it also has currency in the nursing profession. If you want to be shift lead or even higher up the food chain, you need to show the world that you mean business and that begins with your appearance. Dress the part and you will find that people already think you’re there.

4. Scrubs Can Be Expensive If Not Cared for Properly

One of the biggest reasons to take care of your nursing scrubs is that they can be expensive if you don’t do so. Sure, they’re made to last a long time and most of them do. But if you put in minimal maintenance then you will receive the minimum product lifespan in return. Don’t do this to yourself or your wallet. Save your money but preserving what you have. Taking care of your scrubs will not only extend their life but also improve their appearance. In the long run, this will have an impact on your take home pay as well as becoming a time sink with having to constantly replace prematurely worn work uniforms.

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