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Scrubs Make Great Halloween Costumes for Adults and Children.

Given the popularity of medical tv shows and movies, wearing scrubs or similar medical-related costumes can be a fantastic Halloween costume. One popular Halloween costume for adults and kids is Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy is an American TV drama that launched on ABC in 205. The serious has been top-rated for years and was nominated for many Emmy Awards. It even won the 2007 Golden Globe for best drama.

At Scrubs Unlimited, we have a full line of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs and uniforms. These are regarded as some of the most professional, polished, and best-made on the market. Buy your child a Grey’s Anatomy scrubs costume for Halloween and make her stand out! Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are manufactured by Barco Uniforms. This company collaborated in 2006 with ABC to produce professional scrubs for the television show. Real medical professionals like the scrubs so much that they have one of the highest ratings and lowest return rates on the market. Customers appreciate our Grey’s Anatomy scrubs for their quality and flattering fit.

Our buyers say they are great to wear if are plus-sized. Others say our Grey’s Anatomy scrubs last a long time and do not need to be ironed. Still others say these adult scrubs are extremely comfortable and are not stiff like so many other scrubs.

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Scrubs Unlimited Has Fun Halloween Costumes for Kids, Too!

Is your child thinking about being a doctor or nurse? Kids love to dress up for Halloween in scrubs! Scrubs Unlimited guarantees the lowest prices on children’s scrubs and lab coats anywhere. If you need kids’ scrubs in bulk, you can save even more – call us now. After Halloween is over, perhaps your child will decide they want to do another job in their future. That is ok. But they will remember that you bought them a fun Halloween costume, such as a kids’ lab coat or kids’ scrub set from Scrubs Unlimited. Those Halloween scrubs also can be used to keep kids’ clothes clean during crafts, visiting patients in medical facilities or nursing homes. Why Do We Use Scrubs Today?

Did you ever think about why medical scrubs exist? After all, if we did not use them so often in medical work, no one would even think of using them for Halloween costumes. Before the 20th century, doctors and surgeons did not wear special uniforms during medical procedures. Infections and diseases were commonplace after operations.Because of so many problems after surgery, medical uniforms began to be used. Medical uniforms eventually evolved to what we have now: Scrubs that cover the entire body, scrubs that can be purchased at Scrubs Unlimited in lovely patterns and the softest materials, and scrubs that impress people – enough so that some people want to wear them after work. But we’ll discuss our scrubs more after the history lesson below!

The Origin of Medical Scrubs

In the 21st century, we know that cleanliness in the operating room or in medical facilities is essential to avoid infections. But before the 20th century, the importance of cleanliness was utterly unknown to medical practitioners. Surgeons did operations in dirty street clothes. By the end of the workday, whichever surgeon had the bloodiest clothes often gained the most respect. Even medical gauze was made from unsterile scraps from cotton mills. Over the decades, as the importance of sanitary practices became clear, surgeons started to wear cotton masks to protect their bodies from disease. They also wore rubber gloves to protect their hands from bodily fluids and cleaning solutions.

By the 1940s, it was standard for surgeons to wear gowns and drapes, but these still were not sterile enough. Full scrubs were not adopted into the 1970s. At that time, scrubs became common in the forms you see today. These days, almost all scrubs you see in medical facilities (and in Halloween costumes!) are V-neck with short-sleeved shirts. The scrub pants have a drawstring. Scrubs also can include a jacket with long sleeves and knit cuffs. Surgical scrubs usually are green or blue. Nonsurgical scrubs are a standard uniform for most healthcare staff outside of the operating room. The different colors of scrubs usually distinguish between various staff or departments. The modern materials and fits in today’s scrubs allow the wearer more comfort and mobility. Soft, 100% cotton scrubs also are easier to keep clean. The scrub and medical apparel industry have evolved tremendously. Many fashionable and unique scrub designs are available at Scrubs Unlimited, and ship anywhere in the world.

Buy Your Halloween Costume Scrubs and More at Scrubs Unlimited

When you order scrubs from Scrubs Unlimited you can get them monogrammed. Embroidering may take 10-15 days to complete so if you need scrubs in a hurry, skip this. If you can wait and want to make your order more personalized for you or your staff, monogramming may be exactly what you want.

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Our company even offers scrubs for military hospitals, the VA, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. We also provide the movie industry in Los Angeles with scrubs. Scrubs Unlimited supplies the movie and entertainment industry with real military “M.A.S.H.” scrubs and medical apparel. Our company has shipping to any military base on Earth, with the shipping costs overseas the same as stateside. Scrubs Unlimited offers the lowest prices anywhere in the U.S., plus the fastest shipping. Our team is pleased to fill any non-bid order that is less than $3,500. Larger orders are possible, and the credit card can be billed every month. So, Scrubs Unlimited can bill a $10,000 scrub order over three months, but you will receive the shipment all at once.

If you need a Halloween costume for adults, a Halloween costume for children or scrubs for any purpose, Scrubs Unlimited looks forward to your business.