Visit Scrubs Unlimited Today for Your Next Medical Uniform Fitting!

Professionals in the healthcare fields know how important perfect medical uniform fittings are. Good medical uniform fittings ensure that your uniform fits comfortably, wears well, and looks attractive while you are in the office.

For your next dental office uniform fittings, be sure to go to Scrubs Unlimited owned by Philip Gabriel. You can be certain that your dental office uniform fittings or medical uniform office fittings will result in the best-looking, most comfortable medical or dental office uniform you can buy.

Why Are Good Medical Uniform Fittings So Important?

You want to look the best at your medical or dental office, right? Getting the perfect fit for your uniform is the passion of Scrubs Unlimited. And if you don’t get the best fit, you can end up with some serious ‘don’ts for wearing scrubs’ that will get you attention you don’t want!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can visit our store for medical office uniform fittings or dental office uniform fittings. But our store also will visit medical and dental offices for group fittings. Group fittings may be done locally, nationwide, and even worldwide.

If you want to order your medical or dental scrubs online, Scrubs Unlimited offers its Safe Sizing Order Program. You just need to order a test size to see how it fits you. You are charged for the scrubs and the shipping. If the fit is not ideal, you can send t back. We will refund the price of the garment as well as the shipping. If the size is right and you want to order more medical or dental uniforms, Scrubs Unlimited offers free shipping on that new order.

Since we offer worldwide shipping, Scrubs Unlimited is always where to buy scrubs near me. When you order $100 or more of any scrubs, shipping is on us.

With our Right Size Guarantee, you know you are getting scrubs that fit. Just order a set of scrubs in the size you think fits. If they fit, great. Order as many more as you need. If they don't fit, send them back.

When you order scrubs from Scrubs Unlimited you can get them monogrammed. Embroidering may take 10-15 days to complete so if you need scrubs in a hurry, skip this. If you can wait and want to make your order more personalized for you or your staff, monogramming may be exactly what you want.

Not sure what you need? Want to place a bulk order? Call us at 310-208-7669. We'll walk you through the selection process to get a Figs scrubs alternative that is exactly what you want.