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Meta Lab Coats

Scrubs Unlimited is your source for high quality Meta lab coats. With a variety of styles to choose from, you’ll find what you need from our assortment.

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Meta lab coats come in men and women’s designs. Here are few from our men’s line:

  • Meta 38” 1963: This pleated back coat has two inside pockets with a scissors holder, a pen divider and hand access slits. It’s also well made with fine twill.
  • Meta 42”: This is 100% no iron cotton twill has one inside picket, hand slits, and spot for pens in the chest pockets.
  • Meta Consultation Coast: Hitting right below the hip, this coat has three inside pockets, place for scissors in the front pocket, and a snap loop for keys.

Our women’s Meta lab coats complements the men’s line. Here is what you can expect to find:

  • Meta 37”: This twill coat has two inside pockets with a penholder in the breast ocket.
  • Meta 40”: With only one inside pocket, this coat is 100% twill.
  • Visit our Meta page to view a complete list.

Cotton Lab Coats

Did you know that lab coats have been around since the medieval times? They were actually part of the dress code in Persian hospitals. Lab coats as we know them now were ushered into the healthcare industry by Canadian doctor, George Armstrong in the late 19th century.

Made with materials such as twill and cotton, lab coats are part of our healthcare system just as stethoscopes. Scrubs Unlimited carries a variety of 100% cotton lab coats including brands such as Fashion Seal, Angelica, Meta, and Landau.

Lab coats are part of a patient’s view of healthcare. Patients expect doctors to wear them. Children dressing up as doctors wear lab coats. It has become part of society’s image for doctors.

View our entire selection of lab coats and pick one you like. Then compare your measurements to our sizing chart for the best fit. We look forward to your order.

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