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If you work in a laboratory or healthcare setting, you understand the need to have attractive and properly fitted mobile lab coats. It is critical that mobile lab coatsis as comfortable as possible and looks good for a long shift. After all, it is better to work long lab and healthcare hours looking your best in nice mobile lab coats.

For people who want to find the best uniform store in LA with the best selection and fittings, they have just one place to choose: Scrubs Unlimited owned by Philip Gabriel.

Why Choose Scrubs Unlimited as Your Uniform Store?

Scrubs Unlimited has developed a great reputation as the best source for laboratory coats and scrubs. When you give them a call at (866) 267-3079, you will be able to find the best selection and prices on laboratory coats.

Scrubs Unlimited can travel to your location and measure you and your co-workers to ensure a good fit for your lab coats. Also, group orders can be handled, locally, nationally, and around the world. The scrubs company now offers group orders in any office with various sizes and colors available.

Why Is a Good Fit in a Lab Coat So Important?

A lab coat is a staple in the healthcare and medical fields. Your coat needs to fit right and show you at your best in your work environment. Here are a few things to consider when assessing your laboratory coat fit:

• Shoulders: The first thing to examine is the shoulder fit. The seams at the should of the coat need to extend the entire length of your shoulders and no shorter. If you have several layers under your coat, you may need to have a larger size.

• Arms: Note the arm length of the lab coat. With the arms extended fully to the sides, the arms of the coat need to stop at the wrists or right before. The arms should not be any longer than your wrists.

• Length: Think about the length of your coat. It depends on your height. A 30” coat will fit a person who is 5’3” differently than someone who is 5’11”. Our recommendation is to not focus on a specific length; you need to just try it on in person and see how they look.

• After you have found a lab coat that you like, you should button it up and see how it feels. When buttoned up, it should be loose enough that you can pull it away a couple inches from your body.

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Scrubs Unlimited is a popular uniform store in the Los Angeles metropolitan areafor the best medical and laboratory clothing.

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