Visit Scrubs Unlimited Today And Try Our Comfy Nursing Scrubs!

We know nurses have to spend lots of time at work, so you should always have comfy and well-fitting nursing scrubs! The nursing scrubs on sale at Scrubs Unlimited fit amazingly and are so comfy, you’ll never look for other scrubs. so well and are so comfortable, you’ll never want to wear another other type of scrubs again. It gets better! Buying our nursing scrubs means you don’t have to come to us to try our scrubs. Now Scrubs Unlimited will come to your office!

If your company is located in the LA region, our team will visit your workplace and measure you to get you the best fit. All you need to do is call or email us and we’ll set up a custom fitting session. Owner Philip Gabriel is pleased to offer excellent scrubs at a fair price, so please contact us at 866-267-3079 for more information.

Medical Scrubs, Too!

You can get medical scrubs at Scrubs Unlimited, as well. You’ll love how our medical scrubs fit look, and feel. Many healthcare professionals, not just nurses, purchase our medical scrubs and get a personal fitting in their workplace, as well.

Nursing Scrubs Online Are Just A Click Away

If you want to get your scrubs without trying them on, you also can order your nursing scrubs online! Some of our most popular nursing scrubs are the Cherokee type, and nurses love them for their style and comfort. Our scrubs are available in many fits and colors and you’ll love them no matter what you select. Keep in mind that our popular scrubs won’t wrinkle no matter how many hours you wear them. We know that nurses can work 12 hours straight or more, so if you’re working a long shift, you will always look great in our scrubs. Plus, all of our scrubs fit great according to your measurements and body type. But you’ll still be able to move around and handle a busy shift with comfort. They also are more affordable than many other lines of scrubs. And, all of our scrub lines have many pockets and the moisture wicks off. So, you never have to worry about them smelling bad. Call Scrubs Unlimited Today For Your Scrubs in LA Scrubs Unlimited features many brands of comfortable, attractive nursing scrubs, so call us at 866-267-3079 now to schedule your fitting.

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