Looking for the Best Purple Scrubs? Scrubs Unlimited Will Come to Your Office!

Many people who work in healthcare like to wear purple scrubs, and Scrubs Unlimited can come to your office for your scrub fittings in Los Angeles. Scrubs Unlimited is now only an online store and will come directly to your doctor, dentist, or lab office for a personalized fitting of purple scrubs and purple scrubs from Grey’s Anatomy.

Why Choose Scrubs Unlimited for Purple Scrubs From Grey’s Anatomy?

If you work in a healthcare setting, you probably know how critical it is to have comfortable purple scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy features those type of scrubs often and Scrubs Unlimited has a wide selection available for your workers.

The purple scrubs at Scrubs Unlimited look good, are free of wrinkles, fit just right, and make every worker look as attractive as possible. Plus, these scrubs are always comfortable for hours into a long healthcare shift. Scrubs Unlimited owner Philip Gabriel is honored to offer your healthcare employees a full line of comfortable, affordable scrubs, and his company can come to your office to get everyone fitted.

Will Scrubs Unlimited Come to My Office for Purple Cherokee Scrubs Fittings?

Yes! Owner Philip Gabriel and his helpful staff will arrive at your office with a full rack of purple scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy or purple Cherokee scrubs, his staff will work carefully with each employee to get them properly fitted. His staff will take the measurements of each employer at your office and provide you a perfect fit without leaving work. right there in your facility and will give you a custom, perfect fit without you having to leave your office! Nothing can be more convenient than a custom, in person scrubs fitting!

How Do You Ensure a Good Scrubs Fit?

To make sure your scrubs fit your body type perfectly, you need to know your measurements. With a tape measure, you should take your measurements around your chest, waist, hips and inseam. When you measure your chest, measure under your arms around the fullest part of your chest.

• For the waist, measure below the natural waistline while holding the tape measure loosely.

• For the hips, take measurements around the fullest part of your hips when you stand with your feet together.

• For the inseam, you should measure along the inside of your leg to an inch below your ankle.

You should mark down your measurements and make a reference to the size chart at Scrubs Unlimited to ensure that you get the ideal fit. If you like your scrubs to be roomier, move up a size. If you like your scrubs snug, choose the true size.

Call Scrubs Unlimited for a Personalized Scrub Fitting!

Scrubs Unlimited has a full selection of purple scrubs they will bring to your office for fittings, so contact them today at 866-267-3079.

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Scrubs Unlimited offers personalized, in-house fittings in Los Angeles for its entire line of scrubs, so call today!