• We recommend that you wash 100% cotton scrubs in cold water and either line dry or tumble dry at the lowest settingto avoid excess shrinking. You should still expect 2%- 5% shrinkage. 100% cotton scrubs washed in warm water and dried on regular heat will shrink even more and also fade quicker.
  • The first time you wash 100% cotton scrubs, add a half a cup of vinegarto help set the color and avoid premature fading
  • After the first time you wash 100% cotton scrubs,turn them inside out for all future washings. This will help prevent premature fading.
  • We recommend that 65/35 blends be washed in warm water and dried on regular heat level.You may still get 1%-2% shrinkage.
  • We feel that for most people,there is no need to wash any of your scrubs in hot water. Several major detergents kill 99% of bacteria in warm water, and using hot water will just decrease the life of your scrubs.


  • Never use bleach on lab coats that are monogrammed. Bleach will cause the monogramming to fade. Bleach may also cause plastic buttons to turn yellow.
  • We recommend that 100% cotton lab coats be dry cleaned. If you wash them yourself wash them in cold water and line dry. You may still get 1%-3% shrinkage. All 100% cotton lab coats will need to be ironed if you home wash them. Wrinkle free 100% cotton lab coats do not exist . Washing in warm or hot water and machine drying will cause the coat to shrink at least a full size and maybe even more.
  • For 65/35 blend lab coats washing in warm water and regular heat in the dryer is fine.
  • For blended lab coats there is no sure fire way to guarantee getting the stain out.However by keeping the stain moist (until you get to a washing machine) and applying a stain remover (we recommend Magic wand stain remover, but others work well) is your best bet. Wash stain in cold water. If stain is still present then try the above again. Once you put a garment with a stain in the dryer you can forget about getting the stain out. Also, not treating a stain for more than a day will doom the stain to stay forever.
  • For stains on 100% cotton lab coats it is best to get to your local dry cleaner ASAPand let them work on the stain. If you are home washing your 100% lab coat then follow the instructions for blended lab coats.


  • In most cases you should getnew shoes at least once a year. The few exceptions include Dansko, Klogs (you will need new inserts every 8-12 months) and Anywears(inserts same situation as Klogs).
  • Athletic shoes are not meant to be worn 12 hours a day. After about 3-4 months you will have lost any support the shoe had to begin with.

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