At Scrubs Unlimited, We Come to Your Office for Scrubs Fittings!

If you work in a healthcare, dental, or lab setting, you will be pleased to know that from now on, Scrubs Unlimited says, ‘we are coming to your office for scrubs fittings.’ Scrubs Unlimited now is an online store only and will visit your doctor, dentist, or lab office for personalized fittings of medical lab coasts and wholesale scrubs.

Why Choose Scrubs Unlimited for Medical Lab Coats?

As a worker in a healthcare setting, you really understand how it important it is to have comfortable medical labs coats and wholesale scrubs. You want your scrubs to look good, be wrinkle-free, fit well, and make you look as attractive as possible. Plus, you want them to be comfortable hours into a long shift. Scrubs Unlimited owner Philip Gabriel is pleased to offer a complete selection of scrubs and medical lab coats that will fit you perfectly at a perfect price.

Will Scrubs Unlimited Come to My Office for Wholesale Scrubs Fittings?

Yes! Owner Philip Gabriel as well as his staff will visit your healthcare office personally with a rack of wholesale scrubs and medical lab coats in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. They will take your measurements right there in your facility and will give you a custom, perfect fit without you having to leave your office! So, it’s true. Scrubs Unlimited is really saying we are coming to your office for scrubs fittings! Nothing can be more convenient than that!

Why Is a Good Fit in a Lab Coat So Important?

Medical lab coats are a vital part of working in the healthcare, laboratory, or dental fields. Your scrubs or lab coat needs to be a perfect fit, look great, and make you look like the professional you are. When Scrubs Unlimited comes to your facility for your personalized fittings, here is how they assure you are getting the ideal fit:

• Shoulders: The seam at the lab coat’s shoulder must extend the whole length of the person’s shoulders and be no shorter than that. If you wear several layers under your lab coat, they may recommend a larger size.

• Arms: With your arms fully extended at your sides, the medical lab coat arms must stop at the wrists or just before. The lab coat arms should never be longer than your wrists, and your fitting professional will see to that.

• Length: The ideal coat length depends on your height. For instance, a 30” coat will fit a person who is 5’3” in a different way than someone who is 5’11”. Scrubs Unlimited’s recommendation is to not focus on an exact length. They will bring several lengths of medical lab coats for you to try to see which looks best.

Call Scrubs Unlimited for Your Personalized Medical Lab Coats Fitting

Scrubs Unlimited has a full selection of lab coats and wholesale scrubs that they will bring to your location and get all your employees a perfect fitting. Remember, at Scrubs Unlimited, we come to your office for scrubs fittings, socontact us today at 866-267-3079.

Meta Description: Do you need perfect fitting lab coats or scrubs? At Scrubs Unlimited, we come to your office for scrubs fittings! You get the best fit at the best price, and never leave your office!