How to Keep Your Ultrasoft Scrubs in Excellent Condition

When you buy your Ultrasoft scrubs you are making an investment in your comfort as well as your work uniform. Keeping them in the best shape possible is not only key to extending the life of the scrubs but also to help you maintain a professional appearance. Like other articles of clothing, Ultrasoft scrubs have recommended care guidelines that will help you keep your uniforms lasting for months or even years. In this article we’re going to offer you 8 tips on how you can keep your scrubs in excellent condition.

8. Pre-Treat Your Scrubs Prior to Wearing Them
Washing your scrubs in a cold water and vinegar can help set the color and prep them for their first use. It will also make them more comfortable to wear.

7. Wash Your Scrubs Separately from Other Laundry
Do not mix your scrubs with your regular wash. Not only do scrubs need to be as germ-free as possible but also they need different care from your other clothing.

6. Use a Color Safe Stain Remover Prior to Washing
To get out stains, use a color safe stain remover on your scrubs prior to putting them in the wash. Once scrubs go in the dryer, the stains will never come out, and please do not wait for several days to treat and wash scrubs with stains. Treat and wash stains right away.

5. Wash in Cold Water with Regular Detergent
After putting stain remover on your scrubs you can then put them in the washing machine with the cold water setting and using regular detergent. A helpful tip is to turn them inside out before putting them in the wash. You may also want to set the load size to large regardless of how much you are cleaning so that your clothing has plenty of space to move around.

4. Dry Scrubs on High Heat for at Least Thirty Minutes
To make sure your scrubs are thoroughly clean and disinfected, dry on low heat or hang dry for at least thirty minutes.

3. Inspect Your Scrubs Before Drying
Check for any missed stains before drying your scrubs for storage.

2. Only Wear Scrubs at Work
They are work apparel, not leisure wear. They need to be kept as clean and sterile as possible Avoid wearing them outside of a professional environment.

1. Avoid Direct Application of Perfume or Cologne
Try to put perfume or cologne on your skin rather than your scrubs. That way the smell can be easily washed off in case it is offensive to someone whereas you would have to change your scrubs entirely to get rid of the smell if the substance is applied directly to the fabric.