White Swan Scrubs for Employees Who Wear Dresses

Dresses and skirts scrubs from White Swan and lab coats from Cherokee Scrubs

Jockey Scrubs in Scrubs Unlimited allows offices to have professional uniforms at reasonable prices

If you have employees who cannot wear pants for religious or personal reasons, then White Swan scrubs will let you accommodate them and still maintain a professional appearance. If you have employees who just prefer to wear dresses or skirts, White Swan can meet that need too.

If your employees need lab coats, Cherokee Scrubs offers those in men's and women's cuts. With spacious pockets and durable material, these labs coats maintain a professional appearance and provide lasting service.

Jockey Scrubs and Cherokee both offers scrubs tops for men and women in a variety of colors.

Because people come in different sizes and scrubs don't always match those sizes, Scrubs Unlimited offers a sizing guarantee. Buy one set. If it doesn't fit, send it back.

If it fits, then you know what size is needed. Order as many as you need.

Do you need to have uniforms for an office? How about uniforms for students? Scrubs Unlimited offers bulk buys on all our scrubs.

No matter what your uniform needs from a health care setting, Scrubs Unlimited can make it happen. When you need to make reasonable accommodations, the White Swan scrubs meets that legal requirement. When it is time to order, then Scrubs Unlimited is your one-stop source for all things scrubs related.